Travel to Lotte World Adventure, Seoul, South Korea

Lotte World Adventure is a major recreational complex located in the heart of Seoul, Korea. The park opened in 1989 and consists of the world’s largest indoor theme park called Indoor Adventure, along with an outdoor theme park called Magic Island. Also located in the recreational complex are the Korean Folk Museum, department stores, shopping malls, a movie theatre, a luxury hotel, and a sports facility.

Magic Island

Magic Island is Lotte World’s outdoor theme park, located on an artificial island located in the middle of Seokchon Lake. The park has been designed in a medieval European style featuring a spectacular magic castle located in its center. On Magic Island, there are 17 different thrilling rides, including the Gyro Drop, a high-altitude free-fall thrill ride.

Lotte World is located in the heart of the city, making it a great spot for sightseeing and entertainment. There is a folk museum, the lake, many thrilling rides, an ice rink, and many different parades for patrons to enjoy. The park hosts roughly 6 million visitors every year with approximately 1 million being foreigners. The building inside makes use of the natural sunlight, and is open for visitors all year round.

Indoor Adventure

Indoor Adventure is the world’s largest indoor theme park and is home to many seasonal festivals and parades, including: the Rio Samba Carnival, the Masquerade Festival, the Christmas Festival, and the Halloween Party. The Indoor Adventure’s theme is “Little World Village” and features 22 different rides; which include the French Revolution, the Flume Ride, the Camelot Carousel, the World Monorail, and the Conquistador to name a few.

The Folk Museum is located on the 3rd floor of the Indoor Adventure Park. The museum features many exhibits featuring the history of Korea and its culture. A popular highlight for international visitors is the animation and scaled models that are used to illustrate the history of the country. Visitors can browse the stalls at the Jeojageori traditional market or take in historic performances at the Norimadang Performance Hall.

Lotte World Adventure has certain districts that represent many foreign countries and cultures with numerous facilities and souvenir shops. At Lotte World, visitors can enjoy watching films, watching parades, laser shows, and eat at a variety of international themed establishments.