Plan a trip to Tokyo DisneySea, Japan

Tokyo DisneySea is a theme park located in Chiba, Japan. It was built on a 176 acre property at the Tokyo Disney Resort and is owned by the Oriental Land Company, which leases the themes and characters from the Walt Disney Company. Tokyo DisneySea is the second park built upon the Resort location in Urayasu, and is the 9th Disney based theme park to be built around the world.

Officially, the park was opened in September of 2001, at an estimated cost of more than $4 Billion dollars, making it the most expensive theme park ever built. The park was also the fastest park in history to reach 10 million visitors, having done so in 307 days, which was roughly one month faster than the previous benchmark held by Universal Studios Japan. Both companion parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are the only Disney based theme parks not wholly owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company.

The Tokyo DisneySea theme park is a unique fantasy theme park inspired by the many myths and legends of the sea. The park contains 7 themed ports, including: the Mermaid Lagoon, Port Discovery, Mystery Island, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, American Waterfront, and Mediterranean Harbor.

Tokyo Disneyland has been designed to suit all age groups; however, the park really caters to a more grown up crowd. There are many fine dining establishments and wider selection of restaurants serving alcoholic beverages, which is unavailable at Tokyo Disneyland.

Mermaid Lagoon – Mermaid Lagoon is a theme park based on the world of Ariel and her friends in the Little Mermaid. This area of the park is more whimsical in nature and geared towards the smaller children.

Port Discovery – This section of the park is based off of the “marina of the future” concept where visitors can experiment on self-guided watercrafts and play upon a virtual rollercoaster called the StormRider.

Mystery Island – Located at the heart of the park and inside the volcano, Mystery Island themed section is based around the science fiction writings of Jules Verne. Visitors can come aboard one of Captain Nemo’s submarines or one can ride a science vehicle on a journey to the center of the earth.

Arabian Coast – In this themed section, guests can enjoy a fantastic recreation of the world of Aladdin and Arabian Nights. There is a Genie hosted magic show or patrons can travel with Sinbad on his journey of discovery.

Lost River Delta – This theme park was built upon a fictional set of ruins of an ancient pyramid in the jungles of Central America. The two most popular attractions in the park are the Indiana Jones Adventure ride and the Raging Spirits Roller Coaster. Also, the Lost River Delta port serves as a stop for the Transit Steamers, which are boats that travel between the many parts of the park.

American Waterfront – This theme park is styled after 20th century harbor towns that could have been seen in the Eastern USA, between Cape Cod and New York. This park features the Tower of Terror ride, an elevated train, a playhouse, the S.S. Columbia steam liner, and numerous American styled shops and restaurants.

Mediterranean Harbor – This Park also serves as the entrance to the park and is styled after a fictional Italian port town. There are canals and gondolas styled after the famous Venice waterways. Every day in the harbor is large shows featuring boats and water fountains. This park is home to Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.