Top Vacations in the US Part 2

Excited for your next vacation to the United States next year? It is a massive country and deciding where to visit can be tricky. The good news is that travel experts enjoy providing you with the basics so that you can determine what will work best for you and your family.

6. Kansas City, MO

There are more than 200 fountains within Kansas City, making it actually on par with Rome! Inviting people combined with wide open spaces enable you to relax and enjoy. There are more than 100 bar-b-que joints within the city to feast upon. The vibrant blues and jazz scenes serve as an anchor for an excellent African American community.

There are numerous walking neighborhoods to explore that offer intriguing history and excellent photo opportunities. For instance, the 1920s shopping district can be taken in via Country Club Plaza to the alluring locally owned bars and restaurants in Westport. The Crossroads Arts District is another fun place to see and explore.

Many World War I history lovers will find Kansas City particularly appealing. It is home to the National WWI Museum. Major events and celebrations will take place due to the fact that 2014 marks the war’s centennial. As well, the adjacent Liberty Memorial in the museum is receiving $5 million dollars for this year’s festivities.

7. Cumberland Island, GA

Cumberland Island is considered to be one of the most magical yet underdeveloped places in the USA. There are feral horses, tiny Fiddler Crabs, virgin beaches and windswept dunes. Check out the mossy old oak trees, gorgeous butterflies, skittish armadillos and amazing sunrises.

The majority of the Sea Islands in terms of continuously exposed land are comprised of this national seashore and its unspoiled paradise. There are approximately 18 miles of pristine sandy beach on the ocean side and you will be able to enjoy this all on your own. The remainder of the island is covered with dense maritime marsh, green forest, tidal creeks and mudflats. You can explore the ruins of the Dungeness Mansion which was once owned by the Carnegies. There are numerous hiking trails to explore, over 50 miles of them. Backcountry camping is a great option for more adventurous souls.

Another getaway to explore is St. Mary’s island. This is where the mainland facilities are located along with the ferry terminal. Some of the best sands in the South, without taking Florida into consideration are located at Stafford Beach. For non-campers, try staying at the extravagant old Greyfield Inn, home to the only restaurant on the island.

8. Las Vegas, NV

For 24 hour night life and entertainment, look no further. The city is shifting its focus away from gambling and trying to draw in more lower-rolling tourists in 2014. According to statistics, the per-person gaming revenue has dropped approximately thirty percent since 2006.

Check out the Arts District and Fremont East near downtown. These neighborhoods are lively and entertaining. Locals come here to eat and drink at the happening new galleries, café’s and bars. The Burlesque Hall of Fame is also nearby to enable travelers a perfect reason to venture off of the Strip. For those who want to explore the Strip, the High Roller, the tallest observation wheel in the world is an ideal place to start. It is part of the new LINQ district from Caesars’ a 550 million dollar venture expected to start up in the middle of 2014.

Explore the Indoor Skydiving or go-karting at Fast Lap. Check out Flightlinez for a zip lining adventure. There are numerous high-octane thrills to enjoy for those who need a break from the Blackjack table.

9. Sun Valley, ID

If you are seeking out an alternative to the ritzy resort areas of Colorado, particularly in the summer months when visitor numbers and costs are down, consider Sun Valley. There are great cultural events and mountain biking, camping, delicious food and hiking to take into consideration. During the winter months, check out the top of the line skiing facilities that can be discovered at the first purpose-built ski resort in the USA. Take the lifts with the rich and famous Hollywood A-listers to enjoy gorgeous scenery in a refined place without sprawling condos and fast food joints. No lift lines or crowds make it possible for you to ski and enjoy your day more.

The location itself is stunning, and as impressive as the snow. Visit nearby Ketchum which retains its rustic glory and authenticity regardless of the seasonal influxes. Stanley is situated a bit farther down the way. This is considered by many to be the most scenic town in the USA. It is nestled in the crook of the Salmon River. This location makes it an ideal place to launch a raft. The gorgeous Sawtooth Mountains provide a dramatic background and viewing point for wildlife.

Interestingly enough, Ernest Hemingway is also buried here. He had a huge draw and affection for Sun Valley. Allegedly, he completed “For Whom the Bell Tolls in room 206 of the Sun Valley Lodge between exploring the area on hunting and fishing excursions with friends Clark Gable and Gary Cooper.

10. Lana‘i, Hawaii

If you wish to flock to empty paradise beaches, diving and snorkeling options, and petroglyphs and shipwreck adventures, this unique island will not disappoint! Home to red-dirt roads, otherworldly rock formations and the favorite local dish of raw fish salad or poke markets, Lana’i is truly an exciting place to visit. Numerous 4WD trails and rugged hiking ensure that outdoor enthusiasts will be having a blast. This tiny town center offers small island charm with its candy coloured plantation style homes.

Lana’i is the smallest of the habitable Hawaiian Islands. It offers a mix of Asian and Hawaiian cultures, rugged shorelines, trendy resorts and relaxing getaways. In 2012, Oracle multi-billionaire, Larry Ellison purchased 98% of the island! He has major plans for the island. For example, bringing in numerous high end resorts and practically doubling the population.

Of course these high ideals leave some worried that Lana’i is on its way to becoming a playground for the wealthy; however, Mr. Ellison feels as though these changes will make it a “laboratory for sustainability” and wants to ensure that there will still be parts accessible to budget minded travelers. There will potentially be day trip excursions available from Maui. Many feel that this is an excellent idea, however, it remains to be seen if all will go according to plan.

The Blue Ginger Café, on the other hand, places all of their attention into the food and not into the décor. Stop in for breakfast and try their delicious muffins fresh from the oven. Or grab some food off the menu and head for a beach picnic!