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The concept of “family vacation” is probably not more traditional than within the USA, as far as nations on earth go. The main reason for this is that it is the only major developed nation where on average, employees receive only 2 weeks of vacation. For example, in Europe, the average is 6 weeks. This tiny amount of time for parents to be away from work translates into an extreme importance for family time together for many people.

Over the past few generations, the concept of family vacations has dramatically changed. For instance, during the 70s, the family would often get into the station wagon and drive somewhere together; perhaps to visit relatives, a beach house or a national park. Once Disneyland and similar destinations became an option, vacations transformed from spending time with family and friends to visiting places that offered attractions and organized events for people of all ages.

The Best Family Vacation

Even though family vacations have somewhat changed, the short amount of time often remains the same. This has led to the goals of American family vacations remaining the same. For example:

Seeing New Places: Visiting interesting and exciting new places is consistently one of the main draws of any vacation. The majority of people like to experience smells, tastes, sights and the culture of places they have never visited before. Travel expands your life experience and enriches your life. By broadening your own perspective, one often experiences more gratitude for what they do have.

Trying New Activities: Trying new activities is exciting and fun; yet depending on your age the activity level can vary. It is common for young people to want to try SCUBA diving, rock climbing, zip-lining and surfing. Elderly people may wish to watch the birds and view wildlife, canoe or leisurely stroll through shops or nature.

Time to Relax: Regardless of your age, relaxation is a vital part of life. If you enjoy catching up with family and friends, watching a good movie or reading a book, there are lots of options available.

Interesting and Delicious Food: Many fond vacation memories revolve around eating a delicious meal together with those who you love. It is even more enjoyable to treat yourself out to a night out where no one has to prepare the food or do the dishes.

A Reasonable Price: Planning your vacation carefully makes all the difference. You may free up more spending money if you plan in advance or take advantage of last minute deals. Researching your location prior to travelling will help you know where to stop and shop ahead of time as well.

Summing Up the Cruise Advantage

If you are trying to see multiple destinations the traditional way, you will find you will be spending copious amounts of time and effort simply following the itinerary. This is especially true in Europe where bus and train schedules are very strict. It is heavy and time consuming work to pack and unpack your luggage daily while you stay in a variety of hotel rooms. When you are travelling, you will be typically stuck in an upright chair that does not enable you to stretch out. Being aware of where your belongings are at all times is also exhausting. Since you have to pay for every meal separately, it can be tricky to find quality food at reasonable prices.

Being on a cruise takes care of so many things! You have your stateroom as your base for the entire voyage. There is no packing your luggage around from place to place. With copious entertainment and activity choices, which are included in the cruise fare, you can be as busy or relaxed as you choose. Once you are onboard, the main budget issue you will have to deal with is alcoholic beverages and any add-on packages you want to do. You will not have to worry about exchanging money for travel or the expenses for basic room and food.

Cruise ships have something to offer for everyone in the family and for every age group. Kids are able to attend supervised activities so that parents can enjoy some alone time. There is also babysitting available in your stateroom if you want to dance the night away while the kids sleep. If anyone in your group does not feel like participating in a particular activity, you can rest assured they will be safe.

For the convenience of travelling together, all your food, non-alcoholic drinks and many activities, the cruise really gives you excellent options at a value price. If you can avoid flying and actually drive to the disembarking point, you will be able to save even more money.