Top Vacations Caribbean Cruise Options

The sun is continually shining from the blue skies above the Caribbean. It reflects off of the mirror glass sea surface. The bright rooftops of the colonial style buildings are abundant and provide fun photo opportunities. These are just some of the reasons the Caribbean is such a fun cruise option. There are white sandy beaches to explore and friendly coastal communities! Along with the themed cruised there are wonderful options to relax and explore!

Port-Specific Cruises

If you prefer to focus on the Caribbean as opposed to spending time on a particular kind of cruise, perhaps taking a voyage based on sailing location and ports-of-call is more your style.

Eastern Caribbean

The destinations of St. Maarten and St. Thomas are excellent components of any Eastern Caribbean cruise. St. Thomas is one of the US Virgin Islands. It used to be a pirate haven back in the day. Currently there are a wide variety of duty free designer shops among the vibrant capital of Charlotte Amalie. Explore the amazing Coral World Ocean Park on the outskirts of the island and lose yourself in the vast selection of natural marine life that calls the island home.

St. Maarten is made up of 2 separate sides. The capital, Philipsburg, is located on the Dutch portion of the island. The French side has the capital city of Marigot. Even though both sides offer phenomenal shopping, many people will state that the Dutch side has the French side beat in terms of night life. There are a wide range of Casinos available. There is a 7 day cruise offered by Princess Caribbean to these popular Eastern Caribbean ports that departs from Fort Lauderdale.

Southern Caribbean

The ABC islands are famous in the Southern Caribbean region. All of these islands are owned by the Dutch. They are: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Oranjestad is the exciting capital of Aruba. There are sherbet rooftops commemorating the Dutch Golden Age. Arikok Park is a national park on the island that covers approximately 1/5 of the area. Mammals, vibrant sea life and island caves make this an excellent excursion.

The island of Bonnaire has a renowned national park that showcases thousands of flamingos. The capital of Curacao, Willemstad on the other hand, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along with the lavish Dutch architecture, you can take in the sites of Jewish colonial mansions. Every one of these islands has an abundance of activities to offer and sights to see. Scuba diving is a popular pass time. There is a 10 day cruise offered by the Holland America Line that leaves from Fort Lauderdale to explore these exciting Southern Caribbean ports.

Western Caribbean

The Cayman Islands are considered to be the most popular islands situated in the Western Caribbean. They consist of Cayman Bar, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman. The gourmet restaurants, excellent shopping and up market bars are found in Grand Cayman. There are world class diving facilities offered by every island of this archipelago.

Little Cayman has a tiny population of only 150 people! However, it is home to Bloody Boy Wall which is one of the best diving walls in the world. Additional destinations include Cozumel. Here you can visit Tulum and explore ancient Mayan ruins. There are 7 day cruises offered by Disney cruise lines to visit these Caribbean ports. They leave from Port Canaveral on a regular basis.