Top Vacations Best of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a widely visited region thanks to the beautiful waters and copious beaches. It is home to numerous islands, making it a traveller’s paradise. Islands are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and some border the North Atlantic Ocean as well. This area is situated southeast of the North American mainland, north of South America, east of Central America and is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Found mainly on the Caribbean Plate, there are over 69 larger islands and approximately 650 altogether. Numerous cays, islets, and reefs provide a picturesque shoreline. These islands typically form island arcs which delineate the northern and eastern edges of the Caribbean Sea.

The Caribbean islands consist of the Lesser Antilles on the east and south, which includes the Leeward Antilles and the Greater Antilles on the north. These islands make up part of the somewhat larger West Indies grouping. The Lucayan Archipelago is found within the vicinity, made up of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Bahamas, situated north of the Caribbean Sea and the Greater Antilles. If looking at the topography from a wider perspective, the mainland countries of Suriname, Guyana and Belize may be included.

Some of the less popular Caribbean Destinations include:


The beaches on this island are quite small and full of luxurious villas scattered around. There is friendly local culture to behold. This island is suited best for those who wish to enjoy an isolated and low key holiday.


This medium sized island is home to numerous little beaches that are flanked with resorts of all kinds. Here, you will find lavish accommodation all the way to modest options. The English Harbour provides a diverse colonial heritage and is an excellent choice for yaught junkies. This holiday is best for resort style living with a few day trips.


Situated right on the edge of the Atlantic, this medium sized island offers excellent beaches for budget sunbathers, surf enthusiasts and wind-surfers. For those who wish to dress up for supper, this welcome island will fulfill your needs. The surroundings are clean and it is common to run into people of English decent. It is a great option for those who feel comfortable in linen suits and enjoy activities.


Many would vote Bonaire to be the most interesting island located in the southern Caribbean region. It is a tiny place that is world renowned for its amazing diving right off shore. There is also some neat history regarding their walkable main city of Kralendijk. It is a dream for budget travelers, and people who like to go scuba diving and exploring.

British Virgin Islands

The less-developed, more isolated and richer version of the US Virgin Islands is home to 40 islands. The main island Tortola offers glam diversions. There are tons of yaught enthusiasts and divers and snorkelers who flock here to explore. Home to numerous sunset cocktail parties and for people who prefer the motion of the ocean.


This island is considered to be medium size. There is a historic and gorgeous harbor to explore, located in the main city of Willemstad. It is a great choice for those who like exploring off the beaten track.


This island may be lower on the plethora of beaches found on other islands; however, it is home to a rain forest and many waterfalls. The peaks and valleys offer exciting vegetation to explore. An awesome choice for trekkers and climbers and those who want to immerse themselves in nature.

Dominican Republic

DR, as it is known by, is a large country with a dominant Hispanic culture. It offers a ton of colonial-era history, and world-class resorts on stunning beaches. The untrammeled inland areas have forbidding peaks that call to adventurous souls.


Nutmeg is fragrant in the air surrounding this tiny ex-British colony that offers on the most interesting capitals in the region: St. Georges. There are rainforest dense hills around the small beaches offering a stunning topography. This kind of holiday is best suited for those who wish to explore gorgeous, natural surroundings.


Relaxed island feel is the groove you will experience when you visit French-accented Guadeloupe. It is the best choice for those seeking some excellent cuisine and who wish to travel and chill in the sand. The tropical nature and carefree atmosphere make it ideal for those who wish to sunbathe topless and enjoy a seafood feast afterwards.


Haiti is in the international headlines on a regular basis. It offers quite the opposite of a care-free holiday. Within the wake of the 2010 earthquake, extra challenges occurred. If you wish to check out the rich African culture, it is an interesting place to visit. However, if you are seeking a care-free holiday, then it is probably not for you. Haiti is best for those who wish to explore and travel more.


Martinique provides a sprawling city to explore in the main town of Fort-de-France. There are numerous beaches on this corner of the Caribbean that are fun for day trips. It is perfect for those who speak French, enjoy isolated beaches and fun nature hikes.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines

A classic Grenadine experience to earn memories of a lifetime is booking rides on fishing boats that frequent between beach-ringed islands. Many people decide to charter their own boat. St. Vincent, the main island, is mostly rainforest and very lush. The small island of Bequia is very laid back. This trip is made for people who don’t have a schedule and who wish to explore and drive and spend time on their boat.


Trinidad takes the limelight away from its neighbor Tobago. This vibrant Caribbean island provides a lively party scene that peaks during one of the greatest Carnival celebrations in the world. Bursting with Creole culture, there is much to see and do. Their annual Carnival party rivals that of Rio.


The tiny companion of Trinidad, Tobago offers everything the larger island lacks: fun in the water, gorgeous nature surroundings and resorts. It is ideal for traditional beach holidays that offer no bird-watching or diving activities planned.

Turks & Caicos

A multitude of tiny little islands with idyllic beaches and beautiful turquoise waters aching to be discovered; nothing is very busy here, even the world renowned diving sites. Beachcombers, boaters, divers and those who want to be mellow on the sand can relax and unwind here.

US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are the initial Caribbean location for many Americans to travel to. They offer all of the same comforts of home. St. Croix features more cultural attractions and natural attractions, along with St. John, while St. Thomas is very commercial. This is a great option for Americans without passports, those who love nature and staying near a mega-resort.