Plan a trip to Disneyland Park, Paris, France

Disneyland Park was the first of two theme parks built in Marne-la-Vallée, France on the property of Disneyland Paris. The park officially opened in 1992, when it was called Euro Disneyland. The design and layout of the park are quite similar to the Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and Disneyland Park in California. The park is actually the largest Disneyland Park built upon a 140 acre property, and is dedicated to the stories, fairy tales, and characters created by Disney. The park is most popular theme park in Europe, with more than 11 million annual visitors.

Many modifications were made to the park’s concepts and designs in order for the fourth major Disney Park to be based upon the original park. There were many official changes to Discoveryland and Tomorrowland areas, giving these updated theme parks a “retro futuristic” theme. The Haunted Mansion was altered and morphed into Phantom Manor. Just the park’s location brought with it many challenges as many of the structures had to be reevaluated to match the dimensions of the project with the terrain.

The theme park does not feature as many attractions as are found at the two American Magic Kingdom Parks; however, the park features and impressive Disney Castle, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and the park has won garnered much praise for its striking décor and phenomenal design.

When it was originally opened in 1992, the park actually made more news for its poor financial management rather than its esthetic design features. Fans have continued to flock to the park since its inception, spending a great deal of time at its top attractions, which include: Big Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Space Mountain: Mission 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean. This park has a cool feature for some of these popular rides, where visitors can grab a Fast pass ride reservation when you enter the park, allowing you to visit other rides while you wait for your turn to ride.

Star Tours, based on the popular Star Wars franchise, is the newest attraction currently operating in Disneyland Paris. The ride debuted at the end of 2012.

Walt’s on Main Street has many great reviews for its great prices and quality cuisine. This is France after all; food should be an important part of your stay.