Islands that comprise the Caribbean

There are so many islands that comprise the Caribbean; it is truly a magical place to visit. For example, vibrating Jamaica has little in common with Aruba. Islands that are close together such as Nevis and St. Kitts can be worlds apart. The experiences and uniqueness of each island leave much to explore.

How does the Caribbean-bound traveller decide where to go with so many diverse options? Many considerations can be taken into account. Deciding what kind of vacation you prefer may seem like a perplexing chore instead of planning a carefree getaway. However, the more time you research and inquire ahead of time, the chances are you will enjoy your trip much more. The following offers a brief description to help you narrow down your sights.


A ribbon of beaches lined with world class resort facilities is the main attraction of this island. The landscape is quite arid and practically featureless. There are numerous malls that offer familiar bars and eateries. It is a good choice for a shopping holiday or when you want to stay on the resort property.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas offers excellent choices for travellers. It is super close to the USA for one thing. There are 700 islands that make up the Bahamas, so tons to see and do. This is a perfect location for divers, and island hoppers. It is ideal for Americans who need a vacation close by.

Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Island offers less traffic and a more orderly pace than South Florida. It has resorts for everyone available; from famous diving to swimming and snorkeling with the stingrays. This is an ideal location for those who enjoy watersports and fun holidays.


There are all sides to experience in Jamaica. For example, take in the Bob Marley museum and hear rhythmic music or enjoy a fancy resort. Try the local food if you enjoy spicy cuisine. There are some fun natural adventures the entire family will enjoy.

Puerto Rico

The city of Old San Juan is one of the best highlights in the region. It offers sprawling colonial features that come alive. There is tangible history to enjoy, big beach resorts, rich Hispanic culture and casinos. It is a great travel option for those who do not want to leave the USA and wish to explore more than beaches, sand and sea.

St-Martin/Saint Maarten

This very small and vibrant island is home to 2 distinct cultures: the French and Dutch. Similar to a brain, these two hemispheres offer different things. For example, the Dutch like to party and the French provide more reserved holidays. It is best for day trips into the Netherlands, and France. Some say the heart of Creole culture resides here. It is considered to be home to the wildest airport bar on Earth.

St. Kitts

St. Kitts and Nevis offer booming condos and huge hotels. There is enough to fulfill a daytrip around the island which includes checking out the vast pirate-era Brimstone Hill Fortress.

St. Lucia

If you wish for pristine beaches, densely forested hills and gorgeous resorts, there are many enchanting offerings on this island. A perfect destination for nature-lovers, snorkelers, luxury seekers, trekkers, honeymooners and kite-surfers.


An intriguing time capsule of Caribbean culture; Cuba offers political challenges, famous music and urban beauty that is disintegrating yet still charming. Havana is worthy of numerous days of exploration. It is excellent for those who wish to take a reasonably priced holiday in a truly foreign country.